Atlantean – Asmee

Asmee – Ruler Of Fire

A reading for a sixteen year old girl given on December 20, 1930 described the past life of an Atlantean named Asmee who was called the "ruler of fire."  Asmee was a princess who had all the comforts of life in a material sense.  And yet something was wrong, something quite disturbing happened:   

In the one before this we find in that land known as the Atlantean period, and during that time when much of the peoples were in the position of using all the forces in nature. The entity was then of the princesses of the land, and in power, in authority, in one close to those that ruled the land. The entity then in ease, luxury, comforts of the material forces – and in a PORTION of the experience did (that which TO the peoples even) err, and to self brought distrust in others and in self. In the name Asmee did the entity become the ruler of fire, and of those forces in nature that had to do with fire and its origins. Hence a tendency, and a warning to the entity – beware that the lungs [See 24-1] and that that makes fires of the body does not consume same in an unseemly manner. Beware, then, as respecting those distresses in same. Keep as much in the open as possible, but not in night air – neither in those things that tire or unfit, or eat up those forces of the PHYSICAL body, else the mental and spiritual may not have that opportunity in the present experience to develop or manifest that as is toward that UNIVERSAL force that is set in each and every entity.  (24-4)

Whatever it was that happened, it caused her to distrust herself and others – and for those around her to also distrust her.  Although the specifics are not provided, enough clues are given to hypothesize the nature of the error.  Fire worship was common amongst the Atlanteans.  Since Atlanteans are reknowned for being extremists, perhaps she became extreme in her fire worship to the point of causing herself bodily harm.  Perhaps being burned or inhaling smoke to the point of illness or death.

This line of reasoning is supported by the suggestion to her twentieth-century parents to take care regarding fire and the child's lungs.  Several physical readings were provided for this child to address breathing problems.  A report document included with her first reading noted: "… Miss [24]'s karmic weakness in lungs from Atlantean incarnation when she
misused her abilities as a ruler of fire."

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