Atlantean – Arsen

Arsen – Mixed Offspring Workers

In a reading given on June 3, 1944 for a sixty-six year old woman, Edgar Cayce described a past life as an Atlantean named Arsen, an individual among the Law of One who allowed herself to be influenced by the followers of Belial:

Before that we find the entity was in the Atlantean land during what was known as the second of the breakings-up of the land. The entity was among the children of the Law of One, and yet embraced many of those activities of the children of the sons of Belial. For, as had been bidden by the ones in authority, there should be little of those mixings of groups in efforts to establish, to use the offspring as beasts of burden or workers in mills or in clays. These experiences, though, cost the entity dearly through the period, for listening to those activities in the sons of Belial, gratifying of material appetites, became a part of the entity's expression. In the name then Arsen. ( 5245-1)

In many respects the story of Arsen represents a fairly common pattern for the followers of the Law of One: Temptation and Seduction by the materialistic, hedonistic philosophy of the Belials. Traditionally the Law of One faction sought to maintain genetic purity and avoid "mixing" with the Belials and the lower class of "Things" who were the workers and laborers. In this case, Arsen defied the authorities within her own social group and participated with the Belials in creating and using "offspring as beasts of burden or workers in mills or in clays."

The question becomes exactly what does the term "offspring" mean in this context of "mixings of groups." Was Arsen allowing herself to be used as a reproductive vehicle for creating the offspring who were used as laborers – essentially slaves? Were the offspring her children in a biological sense, produced by having sexual relations with the "sons of Belial?" Or were the "offspring" more along the lines of thought forms that were projected into materiality, as some amongst the Law of One were apparently capable of doing? Or was Arsen one of those individuals who were capable of "progeneration within self," something that may have been akin to "virgin birth" where the individual has the capacity to self impregnate?

The term "mixings of groups" certainly does suggest sexual relations or some type of interaction between Arsen and the "sons of Belial" that resulted in offspring that were used as workers. From a soul standpoint, the experience cost her dearly.

This reading was given very late in Edgar Cayce's career when he was overwhelmed with requests, so it was a very brief reading. There were only two questions asked by the woman, both relating to her "offspring" in the twentieth century:

(Q) How may I be of special help to my son who is in the eastern war zone?
(A) Counsel with him. Hold for him that ye would want thy Maker to hold for thee. Be encouraging in thought and in speech and in writing, and be worthy of thy son.
(Q) In what manner may I best help my children and grandchildren?
(A) By assisting them in keeping the way of the Lord. For as has been given, do the first things first. Remember the Lord in the days of thy youth, and when thou art old, thou wilt not depart from Him. Children and grandchildren follow in the footsteps of those in whom they find an answer for themselves. What is your shadow? Is it as well as it might be? To everyone the shadow ye cast indicates what manner of man or woman ye are. (5245-1)

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