Atlantean – Amexl

Amexl – Guider of Crafts

In a reading given on February 7, 1930 for a seventeen year old student, Edgar Cayce described a past life of an Atlantean who was a pilot who guided crafts through space to other lands:

In the one before this we find in the land known as Atlantis, during that period when many peoples understood the laws of the universal forces. The entity among those able to carry the messages through space to other lands, and the guider of the crafts of that period. Hence the mechanical side, and the mystery side of MANY conditions influence the entity. In this period the entity lost, for there was the misapplication of many of the forces, the powers, understood. In the name Amexl.  (2494-1)

The specific nature of the crafts piloted by Amexl is not provided, but the use of the term "through space" does suggest a rather sophisticated technology, as the Atlanteans were apparently capable of producing.  Furthermore, the acknowledgement that the Atlanteans of that time "understood the laws of universal forces" reinforces the notion that the craft guided by Amexl utilized advanced technology.

The other important theme noted in the reading for this young man is that as Amexl he carried messages to other lands.  The international/global connectivity of the peoples of the world at time is emphasized in numerous readings, especially with regard to dealing with large, destructive animals.  But certainly commercial and political interchanges would have been amongst the messages conveyed by Amexl. 

Interestingly, the reading for this young man repeatedly insisted that he consider a career in diplomatic service.  Past lives involving international relations during the American revolution and in ancient Rome were also discussed.  Perhaps this soul trend was initiated in Atlantis as diplomatic courier. 

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