Atlantean – Ajahel

Ajahel – Ruler of Communications

On November 21, 1934 a reading was given for a forty-four year old housewife described a past life as an Atlantean princess named Ajahel.

Before that we find the entity was in that known as the Atlantean land, during those periods when there were the destructive forces being sent out and used by the sons of Belial and those that followed close therein.  The entity was rather among those peoples that followed the law of One, and was in the name and in the household of Ajahel; being the princess of the temple in Poseidia, and executed much of those forces that dealt with the various manners of their communications with the varied lands. During those periods when there were the gatherings of nations, or the peoples of the world for the pitting of themselves against the beasts that overran the earth, the entity aided in such gatherings of those; for the entity – as given – RULED the connections, or associations, or communications. Hence the entity guided those influenced for the right; being overcome only by the forces of Belial when the destruction was brought by the use of that which had been applied for the destruction of the animals in that particular experience.  In the present we find from that sojourn the influences that deal not only with the mysteries of life, those things that influence individuals to those things that act upon the minds and the bodies; but those things that make for communications of EVERY nature, whether under the sea, the wires, the air currents, or what not – are of a particular interest for the entity.  And if the entity ever seeks for commercializing its own influences, deal with communications of every nature!  (587-3)

Obviously Ajahel was a powerful and influential individual, due to her royal status as princess, but also as result of her technical abilities as ruler of communications within the temple in Poseidia.  Clearly the sophistication of the communications of that time was impressive, especially considering the global scope of the transmissions.  Reading 262-39 speaks of an "all-world-broadcast" calling together delegates from around the planet to deal with the menace posed by "enormous animals that once roamed the earth."  (262-39)

Considering the reference to the Belials influence and negative outcome of the meeting and subsequent intervention, the meeting described in this reading is probably the one led by the Atlantean Tim in 50,722 BC as described in reading 262-39. 

It seems that Ajahel had all the right intentions and was competent in her field of communications, despite the eventual negative outcome of the meeting (widespread destruction of Atlantis and failure to solve the animal problem).   The reference in her reading to "being overcome only by the forces of Belial" suggests that there was some contention in the meeting, with the Belials successful in their getting their agenda adopted despite objections from the Law of One faction.  Apparently there was no negative karma to be carried over by the soul that incarnated as Ajahel since her reading actually recommended a career in communications if she should ever wish to pursue this innate ability in a commercial setting in the twentieth century.


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