Atlantean – Ameene


On March 6, 1935 a twenty-three year old housewife received a reading from Edgar Cayce containing some fascinating information about the early social development of Atlantean society and a priestess named Ameene. Like many of the readings that included prominent Atlantean past lives, this reading began with a general statement regarding the extremes to which Atlanteans are prone:

In entering the present experience, we find the entity as one of those from the Atlantean experience wherein there may come either those very great advancements – and instrumental in making for those experiences in the earth through these changed periods that are effective for weal or woe, dependent upon the application of self as respecting the Creative Forces – or then called the Law of One. (ECR: 263-4)

The reading proceeded to discuss just how far the extremes can be stretched in one lifetime. For as a priestess in the temples of Atlantis, Ameene did push the limits of social interaction.

Before that we find the entity was in the Atlantean land, in those periods when there first began the withdrawings from the Law of One, those establishings of the sons – or of the SON Belial in that experience.
The entity made for a foregathering with these for power, having been of the priestesses of the land; and through the activities of Belial became the priestess in the temple that was built in opposition to the ones – or the sons of the ONE. And in this the entity lost. When there were those destructive forces brought through the creating of the high influences of the radial activity from the rays of the sun, that were turned upon the crystals into the pits that made for the connections with the internal influences of the earth, the entity through turmoil again joined with those of the Law of One. Returning in those activities, the entity rose to one of power, in the name Ameene.
In the present we find these still combative influences in the experience; for coming when there are many of those in the earth that sojourned through the experiences when the earth and material things were being turned to destructive rather than constructive forces, makes for combative and compelling influences from the SENSE urges. Hence these must be kept in rather the constructive channel, if there would come the greater development to the entity in the present. (263-4)

Note that the Belial movement derived from the Law of One group. Apparently an individual (“SON Belial”) originated the withdrawal. This was at about the time just before the first upheaval.

Ameene had been a Law Of One priestess. Then Ameene joined the Belials and became a priestess in the Belial temple that was build in opposition to the Law Of One temple. With the first period of upheaval (precipitated by the aggresive actions of the Belials in their application of the powerful Atlantean crystal technology), Ameene switched again and rejoined the Law Of One and rose in power within that group. Clearly this was a powerful individual prone to extremes.

Note the apparent close association of the Law of One and Belial groups at this early phase of Atlantean cultural development. Ameene was able to switch her involvement back and forth between the two groups. These groups were not at war with each other as is indicated in the latter period of Atlantean history.

In the visual portrayal of Ameene, I have created three images to represent the three major phases of that lifetime. In the first, she is a priestess within the Law of One. The second image has her in the temple of the Belials exalting in the sensuality of that environment. With the first period of geophysical upheaval caused by the Belials, she reverts back to the Law of One. In this third image the “combative” nature of her personality is again evident as she berates one of her associates.

If Ameene were alive today in a role of leadership, she might be accused of “flip-flopping.” With her tendency toward combativeness she might fit right into the national political scene.

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